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19 Feb 2019

Who am I ? And why should you read my stories and rantings? well, I am a no one, I am a dad, I am a husband…..well kind of, separations a bitch. I’m a friend, I’m a brother, I’m a son,…most importantly. I am Bi-Polar….and I am just like you.

Chances are if you’re reading this you either are a head case like me…oh heyyy…. or you are a family member, carer or friend of someone who is, other wise you wouldn’t have given a toss about a mental health blog.

So why should you read my stories and rants? well honestly I don’t care if you do or you don’t. But if you do you hopefully you will realise you are not alone you are not going through this shit by your self. you are not the only one. I hope to help show those of you who feel this way that you are not alone. That although we all manifest slightly different we all go through the highs and the lows, the manic episodes with the shitty hypersexual behaviour that caused us to cheat on our partner, the irritability over nothing that caused us to scream at our kids and the euphoric highs that crash down to earth into a depressive heap in our beds and the bursting into tears for absolutely no reason at all.

Also for you family members and friends, there will be things written just for you, by people just like you. My family members, my friends will contribute about how they deal with me and my messy fucking life.

I want to show you mental illness from both sides, the raw uncut un-clinical mess that is our lives. To show you family members that you all go through this the same as my family members and every other mentally ill persons family members. To show you that you guys are fuckin special to put up with our shit and are most definitely not the only people in the world to experience the wonderful times and the very dark times that come along with a mentally ill person.

Hi I’m Ben and I’m Bipolar, come along for the ride, or not (pussy) but if you do you’ll get some laughs maybe some tears but hopefully some sense of not being alone in the dark scary world of mental illness….

  Deep inside where nothing is fine, I have lost my mind……unknown

Written by:

Ben Russoniello | ©benrussoniello 2019


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