Stop faking mental illness for likes!

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14 May 2019

Many many years ago when I was a young dick head hanging out with all the cool kids thinking I was awesome, I wasn’t I was a giant douche bag with a drug problem, anyway there was a guy that used to hang out with us who faked an illness… He told us he was diagnosed with Cancer…It didn’t take long before we all realised he was a fraud and one of the boys punched him out for faking something so serious… what kind of person fakes cancer?

Fast forward 16 years…

Since starting grey space I’ve followed more and more mental health social media pages and blogs. A lot of it especially on Instagram is good content creating awareness and is relatable for those of us with mental illness some of its crap but people are trying to help and that’s amazing, but I have started noticing a terrible trend I never thought possible. People are faking mental illness for attention and the go to fake illness seems to be Anxiety and BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder.

Don’t get me wrong everyone feels anxious now and again and everyone has ups and downs, can be happy and sad and most definitely be angry, it’s part of life, but to fake severe anxiety, Personality disorder or mood disorder just to get some likes on Instagram? You people need a punch in the face. It’s no different to faking cancer!

Faking mental illness for likes…. why I just don’t understand it? I would literally give my left nut to not have mental illness and be able to get my life on track and people are faking it!

Mental health and Mental illness is not a fad, it’s not the flavour of the month, not for those of us who suffer with it day in day out. Long after these people who faked they have mental illness have moved onto the next thing that’s going to get them attention on the internet we will still be here, struggling day in and day out to manage our illness and most of the time silently.

My worry is that the organisations, groups and individuals working on awareness and trying to make a difference will be diluted to the point we go full circle and no one in the general public cares when someone with serious mental illness reaches out for help. We will revert back to not wanting to ask for help or reach out. The general public will just stop caring because they have been bombarded with fakes who claim to have things like BiPolar or Borderline Personality disorder.

The black dog institute in Australia says that 1% of the population have bipolar….

Sane Australia says Borderline Personality disorder effects 1 – 4 % of the population.

Depression and Anxiety 14% of the population at some point in their lifetime.

That’s a lot of people who need help. Who need to feel like it’s ok to reach out and say hey I need help.

That’s a lot of people I fear will once again hide their illness and struggle because the general public have been over saturated with “mental illness” and we haven’t even managed to get rid of the stigma we started with yet fakes are starting a new stigma that I feel will be worse if it continues to go on this way.

If you have mental illness share your story, it helps others.

If you don’t or you are “undiagnosed” but google said you have a mental illness because you where looking for something to fake for likes on your socials, First of all go see your mental health professional to get a clear diagnosis or be cleared of any mental illness, second we can tell because your stories are just to clinical straight of a government website or psychology article, Mental illness is not clear cut and those of us with mental illness can tell just Shut the fuck up, you are perpetuating stigma and making it worse for those people fighting real mental illness and setting organisations and people working to help people with mental illness back 50 years.

Mental illness is not a cool thing to have it sucks

Mental illness is not a fad or flavour of the month that’s going to just disappear from the world anytime soon, it’s serious and life long for a lot of us.

Mental illness is not something to fake for attention!!!!

Just stop!

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Ben Russoniello | ©benrussoniello 2019


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