A Rambled Reflection

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11 Mar 2019


PSA – SQUIRRELS is a slang term used for the anti-psychotic medication called Seroquel used in the treatment of Bi-Polar disorder. Ash stop laughing at the warning and do some work.

Not too long ago an idea was formed, an idea to write a blog of my personal experiences and how they co related to mental health and suicide in the hopes of giving hope to just one person. To even reach that one person and give them sense of comradery with me and to know they aren’t alone in what they are going through and to inspire them to live on. While this idea was being spoken about another idea formed…a collaborative one I can’t take all the credit, but if anyone asks its all me. This goal, this idea, this fucking pipe dream throw away idea that was talked about between my carer and myself was beautiful but felt like a dead end…… ”the system is broken the shit is just floating” … and who are we to do a damn thing about it anyway?………

“Just write the blog” I would tell myself, procrastinating it……I’m not a real writer unless I say I have writers block right? So yeah just write the blog and get it up and let people see it and connect with it, show them it is OK to not be OK! To normalise mental health and suicide issues so many of us face. So, I did, building the blog website…NOT TOO FUCKING SHABBY AY. I am no web designer but I done alright ay…excuse me my north Queensland is showing “AY”….ahem…..and the more I showed people and talked about it they asked why and the story would come out and the long term goal of creating an organisation that would provide services in the gaps we had identified was at the end and was was the cherry on top…..

The response was and is still over whelming, out of curiosity I put all the ideas we had into the website and designed a logo sitting on the couch one night…. chucked it all together and……

Woah…. What have I done…. the response was so good, it quite literally had given me Goosebumps a few times while simultaneously shitting my god damn pants. so I made a go fund me which turned into a little bit of a social media frenzy that turned into my ugly mug on a half-page newspaper article in the sunshine coast daily. No autographs till the end please.

It’s a reality! This is happening! Feedback from industry professionals has been fantastic. I just spent the day in a room full of industry professionals holding my own in a suicide workshop, my experience shone through and I am fucking proud of myself. I’m proud of the people helping me. I’m thankful for the quite unbelievable outpouring of support we are getting from the public…. Most of all I am thankful I’m being able to make a real difference in the lives of peoples suffering mental illness and suicide.

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Ben Russoniello | ©benrussoniello 2019


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